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Microsoft Office Web Apps: A New Name

The name Microsoft Office Web Apps is not good enough, and Microsoft is looking for a new name for its upcoming competitor suite to Google Apps, featuring web-hosted versions of its Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote programs.

LiveSide reports about a 3rd party survey that Microsoft commissioned to help decide a new name — they ended up with several choices including Ensemble, Optro, ArcLight, Offsite, and Equipt. About Equipt, Mary Jo Foley thinks Microsoft is not ready to let go off that name; her quote: “Yes, they are in the midst of killing off the current Equipt subscription service. But why let an already trademarked name go to waste?”!!!

SeattlePI adds that “reports so far have suggested that the Web-based service will be free for individuals but not for companies. The product is expected to be rolled out alongside Microsoft Office 2010, for which there has been no official launch-date announcement”.

So what happens next? Watch this space.