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Mac OS X Lion: Pausing and Resuming the 3.74 GB Download

Is it just me, or did you all find that it was not very intuitive how you could pause the Lion OS download from the App Store, and then resume it again. Even in today’s always-connected-with-a-fat-data-pipe days, 3.74 GB is not a very tiny download size!

I found a quick way, and wanted to share it with everyone else — so this is what you need to do — I am assuming that you have already purchased Lion on the App Store, and your download is proceeding, as can be seen within the visual indicator you see below the Lion icon on the Dock, as shown in Figure 1 below.

Lion Download Visual Indicator on the Dock
Figure 1: OS X Lion Visual Indicator

OK — let me assume that I want to pause this download now, and shut down my Mac. Actually pausing is easy right from the icon on the Dock — I can hold my mouse over the icon, and choose the Pause option from the resultant menu — unfortunately, thereafter you will find no Resume option in the same menu!

So this is what you do:

  1. Choose the Apple Menu | App Store option to launch the App Store app.
  2. Once App Store launches, click the Purchased icon on the top toolbar as shown in Figure 2 below. You will see the active downloads, including the OS X Lion download — click the Pause button towards the right of this download. Exit App Store, and shut down your Mac if required.

    Pause Lion Download in the App Store
    Figure 2: Pause your OS X Lion Download

  3. When you have started your Mac again, and are ready to resume the OS X Lion download, just access App Store again, and click the Purchased icon. In the resultant window, you will notice a Resume button along with a message next to it that says “0 of 0 bytes”, as shown in Figure 3 below. Don’t get appalled by the “0 bytes” message — go ahead and click the Resume button.

    Resume OS X Lion Download
    Figure 3: Resume the OS X Lion Download

  4. You may be presented a dialog that asks you to sign into your Apple account now, as shown in Figure 4. Enter your username, password, and click the Sign In button.

    Sign in to continue your OS X Lion Download
    Figure 4: Sign in to the Apple App Store

  5. The download will resume again, until it completes.

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